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Does My Job Even Matter? (How Working as Unto The Lord Can Change Your Life)

By May 25, 2019 August 1st, 2021 One Comment
Hard Work Mopping

Do you want more joy and satisfaction from your job? Of Course, We All Do!!

But how do we achieve that in jobs that are not so glorious in appearance, how can the McDonald’s worker or the School Janitor find fulfillment in their work?

And what about the mundane tasks of an office worker or banker, they may not be gross but can still be pretty boring to those doing it.

“Is there really any value in my work?” you may say.

To that, I answer a simple “Yes”.

What If

What if everything you do, mop puke from floors in a school, launder piles of sheets in a hotel, file reports all day at the office, examine spreadsheets at the bank, etc was really being done unto the Lord? (Colossians 3:23-24)

I mean it, take a minute and soak that in. What if everything you are doing at your job is being done for your Lord and Savior instead of just your boss…

How can this at all matter to Jesus you may ask? Well, it matters to Him because you matter to Him and they (your employers and those whom you serve) matter to Him.

When we are doing our jobs with an attitude of joy and genuine desire to serve to the best of our abilities we touching the heart of God by showing those we serve God’s heart for them.

Ministry in the workplace does not have to look like constant prayer or always talking to your co-workers about Jesus. Although it can sometimes have those opportunities, often it does not.

Ministry quite simply means service and that my friend can be done wherever you are!

Remembering What Matters

So next time you find yourself thinking “This Job is so boring” or “Nobody cares about X, Y, or Z” or even “Why Does my work matter?” remember that your work both shines God’s glory to others and pleases The Lord by you doing it with a heart that reflects his own! 🙂

(not to mention the lasting value of building your character…but that is a topic for another post.)

Tom Wilcox

Tom Wilcox

Tom has been a follower of Christ since 2012 and has developed a hunger to learn more and teach others about Jesus, Christianity, and The Bible. With that, he just finished his Bachelor's Degree in Ministry and Church Business Administration, his Masters of Ministry specializing in Biblical Counseling, and is currently working on his Religious Education specialization. Tom currently lives in the Philippines and is married to Pia; they are blessed with two wonderful kids Naomi & Hezekiah

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